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Whether commercial or domestic, MacNeil Jones Pumps has the expertise to design and install any water bore hole drilling project. We work with a range of water diviners, local councils and clients to deliver successful water bores throughout Dunedin and Otago.

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Water Bore

A modern water well is an expertly engineered and constructed method of delivering groundwater for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes. Bores are an increasingly popular source of water.

MacNeil Jones Pumps can design, organise Regional Council consents, drill and construct wells for single household use, through to stock, and irrigation.

Our multi-functional track mounted drilling rig provides easy access to difficult areas that a larger rig cannot get to and can drill in all kinds of terrain, soil, clay and rock. Bore holes are lined with casing pipe to stabilize the hole and protect groundwater conditions.


We can also arrange other related services such as; water divining and tanks, using experienced service providers in your area.

Water Bore

We can deliver solutions including single and three-phase water pumps, solar-powered pumps, and deep and shallow well options.

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