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Making your home comfortable for your family requires the right pumping solutions - you want the best.

McNeil Jones Pumps offer all your domestic and lifestyle services with full design and install pump services, for a wide range of applications including pressure boosting, sumps, waste management, irrigation, filtration, bores, and solar pumps.

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Water filtration systems filter out particles and pollutants from your water supply.

Our team have extensive knowledge regarding the best water filtration for your needs and we can streamline the process right through from water testing to installation, UV systems and ongoing support and maintenance. Read more HERE.


Depending on the source of your water supply – be it rainwater, tank water, bore water, well water or town water – the surrounding environment and even your pipes can impact the water quality. Many of the contaminants found in drinking water are colourless and odourless, which can have serious health implications.


We supply you with an easy to use testing kit that we then pass to our preferred laboratory for an independent, expert analysis and report on the water quality at your property.


MacNeil Jones Pumps provides tailored boosting systems to maintain a constant water pressure in your home or business featuring compact, low-noise pumps with automatic operation for stop-start.


Suitable for:  Domestic dwellings, cluster homes, blocks of flats/motels, schools, small office buildings, fire protection and irrigation.


MacNeil Jones supply compact sump-pumps used to pump out clean or dirty waste water such as stormwater, ground water, sewage or effluent, keeping your building dry and preventing flooding or other contamination in your property.

Suitable for: Storm water, grey water, waste water, industrial waste, sewage and effluent.


We offer submersible, surface mount, dry-mount, and air diaphragm pumps that can solve drainage problems in your property, allow you to discharge wastewater from below sewer level, or pump grey water or sewage across longer distances to tanks or main sewer lines.

Suitable for: Sewage, effluent, solids handling, industrial waste, municipal waste and transfer to dispersal fields.


Our range of pumps include submersible, close coupled, long coupled (for engine driven), PTO driven and multi-staged, with manual, or automatic and programable stop-start and we can help with design, installation and maintenance.

Suitable for: Water transfer from ponds, creeks or tanks, flower beds, crops, vines or fruit trees and lawns.


Solar pumps run on electricity generated by the thermal energy from collected sunlight, which, depending on your individual conditions, may be the most reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient pumping solution for your needs.

Suitable for: Remote pumping in rural sections or lifestyle blocks, green or off-grid energy requirements, schools, villages, farms, green houses, conservation areas.

Water Bore

Our team can provide you with advice, knowledge and guidance on water bore drilling and which pumps are going to deliver you the results you need on your home and property.


We can deliver solutions including single and three-phase water pumps, solar-powered pumps, and deep and shallow well options. Read more HERE.

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