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Pumps need to be built tough, reliable, and energy-smart for commercial and industrial applications, including heating and cooling systems, pressure boosting, sump and slurry, sewage, filtration, drainage and dewatering.

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MacNeil Jones provides tailored boosting systems to maintain a constant water pressure in across your industrial property featuring robust, multi-stage pumps, multiple pump sets with cascade control, and end suction pumps.


Suitable for:  Cluster homes, blocks of flats/motels, schools, small office buildings, fire protection and irrigation.

Sump &

MacNeil Jones supply, install and maintain a range of robust sump and slurry pumps designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles and other chemicals or pollutants from industrial environments. These pumps are heavy duty and built to withstand extensive wear and tear.

Suitable for: Drainage, agriculture, dredging, mining and processing plants.



Our range of equipment includes gear, progressive cavity, magnetic drive, air diaphragm, sanitary, air diaphragm, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, and we can assist with maintenance, parts and servicing and upgrades when required.

Suitable for: Processing plants, food industry, fishing industry, aquaculture, construction industry and pool pumps.


Our products including mixing loops, boiler shunts, heating distribution solutions, heat recovery pumps, boiler pumps and primary and secondary loop systems. We offer inline, multistage, canned rotor and variable speed pumps, and BMS interface capability, in a range of materials.

Suitable for: Heating and cooling buildings, energy conservation systems and water conservation systems.


Our range of solids handling pumping systems include submersible, surface mounted and dry mounted pumps, open, vortex and channel impellers to reduce clogging, and are built of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand exposure to the

Suitable for: Sewage, effluent, slurry, trade waste and dewatering.


Dosing pumps deliver chemical dosing at precise flow rates, with a selection of control options that ensure efficient and effective use of chemical products.

Our pumps are built of materials compatible with liquid pH, and are suitable for both large and small applications in the agricultural sector including chemigation, fertigation and the treatment of water supplied for irrigation.

We can recommend the pump to suit your environment, including digital dosing, magnetic drive, peristaltic, diaphragm and progressive category pumps..

Suitable for: Irrigation systems, chemigation and fertigation, municipal water treatment and pools.


Water filtration systems filter out particles and pollutants from your water supply.

Our team have extensive knowledge regarding the best water filtration for your needs and we can streamline the process right through from water testing to installation, UV systems and ongoing support and maintenance. Read more HERE.

Suitable for: Safe use of ponds and swimming pool, safe water for industrial cleaning, safe drinking water, public and private aquariums and swimming pools.

Air & Dirt

Our combination units offer simultaneous removal of microbubbles and dirt particles including magnetite. This results in reduced energy consumption, increased system life, dirt particle removal and some system noise reduction in your property.

Suitable for: Heating and cooling systems with improved functionality, commercial and industrial buildings.

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