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Efficiency is key to any quality operation, and why we stock a wide variety of solutions for argriculture, horticulture and rural applications.

These include washdowns, stock water, solids handling, dosing, effluent, irrigation, filtration

and solar pumps.

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Our range of robust, high-pressure agricultural washdown pumps are offered in a range of sizes, in fixed or variable speeds for optimum efficiency, and are purpose-built to be hard-wearing in the rural environment.


Suitable for:  Shed washdown, factory washdown and truck washdowns.


We deliver efficient, practical systems that address your specific challenges with water transfer and quality, including end suction and vertical multistage pumps, submersible bore pumps, solar pumps, deep and shallow well pumps, reciprocating and progressive cavity pumps driven by 1-phase, 3-phase, solar, engine and PTO power supply.

Suitable for: Stock/domestic water supply, water transfer from dams or creeks, water transfer across vast distances and up hills and transfer of water containing small amounts of sand, salt or debris.


Our range of solids handling pumping systems include submersible, surface mounted and dry mounted pumps, open, vortex and channel impellers to reduce clogging, and are built of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand exposure to the

Suitable for: Sewage, effluent, slurry, trade waste and dewatering.


We supply and install pumping equipment that will ensure low pressure, even-flow, uniform coverage - even in changeable conditions - and minimise energy consumption. Our robust irrigation pump systems include single stage, PTO,
multistage, centrifugal and submersible ground water pumps.

Suitable for: Pasture irrigation, vineyard irrigation, orchard irrigation and horticulture crop irrigation.


Water filtration systems filter out particles and pollutants from your water supply.

Our team have extensive knowledge regarding the best water filtration for your needs and we can streamline the process right through from water testing to installation, UV systems and ongoing support and maintenance. Read more HERE.

Water Bore

Our team can provide you with advice, knowledge and guidance on water bore drilling and which pumps are going to deliver you the results you need on your home and property.


We can deliver solutions including single and three-phase water pumps, solar-powered pumps, and deep and shallow well options. Read more HERE.


Solar pumps run on electricity generated by the thermal energy from collected sunlight, which, depending on your individual conditions, may be the most reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient pumping solution for your needs.

Suitable for: Remote pumping in rural sections or lifestyle blocks, green or off-grid energy requirements, schools, villages, farms, green houses, conservation areas.


Dosing pumps deliver chemical dosing at precise flow rates, with a selection of control options that ensure efficient and effective use of chemical products.

Our pumps are built of materials compatible with liquid pH, and are suitable for both large and small applications in the agricultural sector including chemigation, fertigation and the treatment of water supplied for irrigation.

We can recommend the pump to suit your environment, including digital dosing, magnetic drive, peristaltic, diaphragm and progressive category pumps..

Suitable for: Irrigation systems, chemigation and fertigation, municipal water treatment and pools.

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